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Cisco Nexus 93180CY-EX VRF Loopback Testing


Good evening,

For work purposes I have the above mentioned switch inside a test enclosure.  I can't remove the switch and there is only one switch for the enclosure.  The best I can do is verify the functionality of the ethernet cable paths through the enclosure using ethernet loopbacks.  However, I am more familiar with this process using a Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switch.  I have enclosed a few Notepad documents to try to help minimize the possibility of me inaccurately conveying the descriptions.  The first document is an interface configuration example from a 3850 switch for two ports.  The second document is an active example of the two interfaces being configured and pinged using the vrf commands.  The third document is just a rough outline of what I believe how the configuration for those same two interfaces would start out.  I am learning very fast that there are a lot differences/nuances between a Cisco Catalyst 3850 and a Cisco Nexus 93180CY-EX. Can anyone help guide me in the right direction?

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