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cisco router 1721 with aironet 1200 guest vlan

Hello community,

     i have, one router, cisco 1721 and one AP aironet 1200. my router does have a wic with 4 fastethernet. my fastethernet 0 is my ISP. i plugged in my aironet on fastether 1.

     physicly on the router itself, there will be no computer plugged in. all client will be wireless with the aironet. i am trying to figure out, if its possible, the way to setup 3 vlans, the first vlan is the native one. the second vlan will be myt trusted computers, and the third vlan will be wireless guest only.

     is it possible to achive this? what would be the best recommanded place to get information ? i have managed to get wireless and client connected and go through the wan, with nat activated, but now, everyone is on the same vlan, which i want to separate.

     my guess is that the aironet port will become a trunk, and i set up vlan on the wireless??? and the router, do i have to setup the same vlan configuration ? if so, do i need to setup each fastethernet port with the same vlan config ?!

     i was hoping to achive something like this

vlan1 ( admin vlan only ) which will be used to connect to the admin insterfaces,

the ip will be like / 24, the router will have .1 and the ap will have .5

vlan2, which will be trusted computers,

the ip will be / 24, i want these guys, giving access to vlan1 to administer, and access to wan interface fastethernet 0 for internet.

vlan3 used for guest computers,

the ip will be / 24, i want these guys giving access only to wan fastethernet 0 for internet access, with nat.

so i think i should set the router some configs and the same should be applied to the ap aironet...

any help, and maybe some document / how to would be appreciated!

best regards.

Francois Desfosses

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