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Cisco Routers that support 802.1q and T1 CSU/DSU


I'm looking to build up my cisco lab to continue my studies, however i've run into a couple sources that have given me different answers everytime I look. What I'm looking to do is build a lab with 2600 series routers, or something similar for that matter, but something that will support 802.1q and a T1 card. I've heard both ends that a 2621 will not support either, and have heard that it will. I've also heard that the 2621XM is the only one that will support both. I've bought cisco lab equipment before and have got burnt but it not supporting what I needed it to. So I'm asking you guys, what supports these and what would be sufficient for me to continue my studies into CCNP? Thanks.



1841 should work

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Looks like I have found the answer for anyone else that is looking.

The 2600XM series supports the above listed features. 2600 series does not. The only differences between the XM and non-XM is the ability to use SDM, more memory, and better processing power. The 2610XM has one fastEthernet interface, 2611XM has two. 2621XM also has two and is more powerful than the lower versions. Thanks.

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