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cisco switch idea...


Hi all,

i need a backbone switch for my DC. especially cisco switch.

important features;

Layer 2

4 x 10gb fiber ports

12 x 1gb fiber ports

can you give me an advice which switch i should buy?

what series you are using now your area?


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Leo Laohoo
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I have two questions:

1.  What kind of budget are we talking about here?

2.  What kind of clients will be connected to the switch?  Traditional servers or SAN servers which require "hitless" bandwidth?

There are two directions you can run and they are dictated by the health of your budget.

Let's say you have a limited budget, your option would be a 4500X with a 16-port SFP/SFP+ ports.  There's additional blank ports in a pay-as-you-grow scheme.

Let's just say that you have a very, very healthy budget.   Then you can opt for the Nexus 5548P (32 SFP/SFP+ fixed SFP+ Ethernet and FCoE ports and one expansion slot).  With this option, if you want to convert the appliance to Layer 3 (with full MPLS) then it's as simple as purchasing an optional daughter card (and run the correct firmware) and presto.

You can also "extend" the Nexus 5K with the Nexus 2K FEX.

Click on the links I've provided.

C4500 is good option.

C4948 is the best option. I recomend  you, that use a modular switch.


Have a look at the Catalyst 3750X-12S. This has 12 SFP ports and can take an optional module that accepts 2 x 10G ports. Two of these in a redundant pair is a cheaper alternative for you to consider.


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