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Pravin Pillai
Level 1
Level 1



I have a 3750E-48PD new switch which was added at access layer. We have configured it for connection to end user ports. However, upon final configuration completion, I am able to telnet into the switch but not able to SSH into it.


When i telnet into the switch from the connected core switch, I get a login banner and prompt for username & password: it takes in local u/n, pwd and i get access to the device but when I try to ssh into the switch - all I get is the login banner and screen freezes and there is no action/ no prompt


Configuration under line vty is


line vty 0 4

password 7 *****

login local


Also, i have set local username and password, enabled ip ssh , time-out value and retry.. Configuartion has no aaa new-model and rsa key generation crypto key generate rsa general-keys modulus 1024


Any comments to solve this?

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

  Have you configured all the required SSH paramters and created the crypto keys ?  also add  transport input ssh under the vty .

Yes. crypto keys generated.. also transport input ssh configured under line commands



I would recreate the Crypto keys first.

Then reload the switch if that doesn't work.

The fact you get a login banner when using SSH to connect means that its configured correctly.

Mark Jensen
Level 1
Level 1

Under the line vty 0 4 put in transport input ssh then try it.   I always use a serial cable as well as network access in case it doesn't work.

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