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Cisco X2-10GB-SR GBICs - differences in version numbers?

Currently re-building a QA environment with Cisco 6500s at the core and 3750-Es at access.  There will be 10GB fiber run to each rack, which means using X2-10GB-SR GBIC transceivers.  While we have several generics available, they've been failing at 5% rate and resulted in some late-night trips to the data center.  Not fun.  So, I've decided to toss them and instead buy genuine Ciscos on the used market. 

Shopping around I see they are labelled V02, V03, V04, V05.  But I can't tell the difference between the models, other than phsyical appearence.  I'm also noticing the country of manufacture varies between Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and USA.

Does anyone out there have advice on what to look for and what to avoid?   I'm concerned about ending up with knock-offs, or just bad batches. 


Cisco X2-10GB-SR GBICs - differences in version numbers?


I'll consider "They're all the same and I've never had an issue with any version" as a helpful answer

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Cisco X2-10GB-SR GBICs - differences in version numbers?

Over the years, I have used plenty of X2-SR and LR optics.  I have never paid attention to the versions you are refereeing to, but they all have worked fine.  I have always purchased them new from Cisco and not from 3rd part vendors or refurbished. So, be careful with that, as sometimes Cisco devices don't like optics from some 3rd party vendors. one other thing to remember when using X2 optics is that some vendors optics don't fully get inserted into the blade or the clip is not strong enough to hold the optic in the blade and therefore when you are trying to unplug the fiber, the optics comes out too. I really dislike that and have seen it a lot.  Glad Cisco is going away from X2 in the new 6800 series.


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