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[Cisco3560x]Ping PC is destination unreachable


I have topology like :

Core 3560x ---------------------- Baseline Switch Manage 2924 ------------------ Switch Unmanage ------------------ AP ------------------ Client (A) (B)


Vlan 2 = 192.168.2.x/24

Vlan 3 = 192.168.3.x/24


If client A have ip address gateway

and client B have ip address gateway

Client B can ping client A but result is destination unreachable

Client A can ping gateway in core 3560x the same client B

But if client C in switch manage with vlan 3, client C can ping client A and the result is reply.


what happened?

please help me,thanks before, sory for bad my english.


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InayathUlla Sharieff
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Core 3560x ---------------------- Baseline Switch Manage 2924 ------------------ Switch Unmanage


Whats the port config connecting between core and base line?

are the ARP learning on th core?


Can you execute show arp on every switch  and verify where the ip address is not associated with the mac address

port config connecting between core and baseline is switchport trunking encap dot1q, switch mode trunk...



Akash Agrawal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


If i understand it correctly, client A can ping client C which is in different subnet/vlan but can not ping client B which is in same subnet. Please provide config of switch where client A,B are connected. Is there any port security applied. And show arp also from client A and B.





Client A to client C can ping in different subnet.

Client A to client B can not ping in same subnet..

Client C to client B can ping in different subnet..

but is Client D same with subnet client C can ping..

Sometimes reply sometimes destination unreachable..


if i traceroute from core to client B is timeout

but i ping from core to client B is reply...


Please advice...

Amit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please check Windows Firewall on the PC's and then work upwards on the network level if Windows FW/Anti-virus and any other security softwares are disabled.

firewall windows n AV is disabled. Not other security software.

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