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Command to check memory slot in 3800 routers?

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Hi All,

I remember there is one command which can tell you which memory slot has how much big memory in Cisco 2800 or 3800. But at this moment, I just couldn't recall this command. Google didn't help too much. I checked "show diag" but didn't see any information about memory. Could someone help on this? Thanks a lot.


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Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame

Hi Lou,

Are you trying to find out how much memory you router has?

try "sh ver"


Thanks Reza. I know that command can show you how much total you have. But I want to see how much memory on this slot and how much on the other slot. It's remote site in production. I can't open the router. I couldn't remember that command but I'm sure it exists.



When you say slot, you mean switch module?

what model 3800 do you have?

I mean DIMM slot for memory. 3845 router. Thanks.

is it "dir /all" command ???????

i use this command to see sup memory cards.

or the "show inventory" command ?

show inventory won't show information about memory. Only PVDM and WIC cards. Thanks.

Thanks. But that's for flash usually.

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Level 1

Hi Lou,

I see you posted your question long time ago but today I had to work on the same and I was a bit disappointed on that noone has answered this question. I have made some research and found the answer, let me share now to help the others looking for the same in the future...

The command for 28xx and 38xx routers is show platform...

For the old 26xx series it was show c2600 (that's I was remeber for but didn't work with ISR routers)

I have found 2 great links :



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