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Config IOS switches from NX-OS

Is there any way that a Nexus switch can control/modify the config of an IOS switch/router?

My reason for asking is that...since the Nexus devices can run Python scripts I was looking at the possibility of giving our Tech Support (user facing) Dept the ability to do certain things (shut/no shut ports & change vlans primarily).

I still have a good deal of the logic to work out in my head, but I'm just trying to determine what options I have available for this. 

I was a C# Dev before I swithed to Net Admin work so I had also considered using our AD to create an intranet app that would directly ssh to a switch and give those limited options for a port as well.

I have some test switches that I'm going to start playing with eventually when I have a bit of free time, but given the direct python via NX-OS I wanted to look at that first.

We have several different IOS switches, but the majority are 3550, 3560, and 3560-X.

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