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Configuring - Cisco 2921 with Switch Module/POE PS and 3750-x 24 port switch

This is what I have

- Cisco 2921 router

         with SM-ES2-24-P switch module and

                 POE power supply

-Cisco 3750x- 24 port Switch

I have port G1/0 (which connects to 24p Switch Module port g0/26 logically) configured with 3 sub interfaces (management, User and VOIP)

I want to connect 3750x to G0/1 on 2921 via fiber GBIC but want to use same three VLANs

I can not daisy chain 3750x via the switch module because it does not have fiber port.

I do not want to create another routed (g0/1) interface because I want to keep Users on both switches on the same subnet without further splitting the subnet in two.

I hope I am not making this confusing.

How can I bridge g1/0 and g0/1 so I can pass vlan traffic between two switches?

Second problem i have is ...

I have a VOIP connected to switch module (SM) and it is not getting any power.

I went in to all the interfaces on SM and issued power inline auto command

On the SM (sh power inline) - available is 0.0(w)

on the 2921 (sh power inline)

   - power supply status is good,

   - maximun power available is 280.

   - interface G1/0( which connects to SM)

      *device is unknown

      * powered off

     * allocated 0.0 watts.

I already tried resetting SM

Is there any other command I need to issue?

thanks for your help.

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I'm having a similar issue. I

I'm having a similar issue. I can get trunked connectivity between the switch module and the router if I put the IP address on the router sub interface, but not if I put it on a VLAN interface. I was hoping to have it on a VLAN sub interface on the router so I could use Gig0/1 and Gig0/2 to connect other switches and have them on the same VLANs. I'm using Gig1/0 on the router side and Gig0/51 on the switch side (48-port module).

Any help? Am I on the wrong track altogether?

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