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Greg Maaaag

Configuring ip sla on routers

Hello guys!

I have 12 routers: 2 isr 1941 and 10 cisco 881w. I started snmp and netflow monitoring  on cacti and ManageEngine to get more clear about traffic, cpu load and so on.

All devices have ip sla monitor with icmp echo configured to our AD, DNS servers, to google dns and to default gateway

We have some problems in two offices both are behind 1941.

First office today had trouble with loosing internet connection for 1-2 minutes, sh logg doesn't show anything, sh ip sla stat and sh ip sla hist can show just counts without specifying timestamps of packet loss.

How can I log this packet losses on cisco or get it with snmp, some-how)))

First office has about 30 people in call-center, answering customer's calls. Average traffic is 10-12mb\s, CPU load about 10-15%, everything looks fine but somewhy one ore two times a day in different day time voice quality gets down, the voice start to dissapear during phone call. On netflow and snmp graphics there is no anomalies. I've started reading about qos, voip and so on and thought that first step is to define if my router has troubles with packet loss. As i see there are udp-jitter and voice monitors for me to help.

Is there any working recepies or best practise or how-to's for setting up theese monitors and logging any packet losses?