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Configuring VLANs on SLM2008

Afternoon Everybody,

I'm trying to place an SLM2008 between 2 switches, ie..

Internet<------>Core<---->24portSwitch1<--->SLM2008<----->24portSwitch2<----->More LAN

What I want to do on the SLM2008:

Port 1 = Trunk (pass all vlans/data)

Ports 2 & 3 = VLAN 1 (for management and a wireless AP)

Ports 4 - 7 = VLAN 8 (incase we need to connect a staff PC, must be able to send/receive DHCP)

Port 8 = Trunk (pass all vlans/data)

I've beat my head around this long enough and have gotten close results, here's whats happening:

  • 24portSwitch1 works perfectly (it should it is infront of the SLM2008)
  • 24portSwitch2 works perfectly (indicates that I have Ports 1 & 8 on the SLM2008 configured correctly)
  • Ports 2 & 3 on the SLM2008 work as intended (management PC connects, Wireless AP works and PC gets DHCP IP)
  • Ports 4 - 7 on the SLM2008, no matter how I configure them, refuse to get DHCP. Hard coding an IP in the VLAN 8 range on the PC does not work either.
  • If I change any of the configuration of ports 1 and 8 it causes 24portSwitch2 to not work.

See attached file and screen shots for more clarification.

Thank you for your time and effort. 30yrs doing this type of stuff and I get hung by a point&click interface!! hahahaha.

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