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Connect 2 switches together through Access port or Trunk

Hi Everyone,

We need to connect 2 switches together and have 2 options for them:-

1. Use access port on both sides

2. Use trunk port on both sides

All interfaces in the new switch are in same VLAN and there is no requirement to configure multiple VLAN's on it.

Sw1 (Gi1/48) <-->  Sw2 (Gi1/48) (new) (Merki switch with RSTP enabled)

As we know, if we are connecting Sw1 and the interface on Sw1 is access then we need to disable BPDU guard on the interface of Sw1 (on which we are connecting uplink of Sw2). I also have spanning tree port-fast enabled on in the interface on Sw1 and assume I have to remove that as well. Otherwise normal STP steps will be bypassed.

My question here is, is there any probability of loop in the network if we use this configuration or should we use trunk instead?


Sw1 port Gi1/48 configuration is as below:-

interface GigabitEthernet1/48
switchport access vlan yyy
switchport mode access
switchport voice vlan xxx
qos trust cos
qos trust device cisco-phone
tx-queue 3
priority high
shape percent 30
service-policy input QoS-TEMPLATE
service-policy output DBL


Sw2 port Gi1/48 configuration is as below:-

RSTP = Enabled

STP Guard = disable

Type = access

Vlan = yyy


Hi Leo - We have no configured UDLD in our prod environment. See below:-

Interface GiX/Y
Port enable administrative configuration setting: Disabled
Port enable operational state: Disabled
Current bidirectional state: Unknown

This is what I am getting on all ports. So, we are good. The only I don;t understand is why you specifically asked me about error recovery policies? Is that due to UDLD or something else you want to check as well?
Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

This is a way to auto-enable an error-disable ports. I just want to know if someone has enabled this.
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VIP Collaborator

Along with other suggestions, You should read this -


Meraki switches only support STP/RSTP. With Cisco switch running PVST, Meraki will run STP. Don’t let Meraki become root.