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CoPP Benefits of 6500 SUP32 over SUP2



More of a query for an SE than a hands-on techie I suspect!!

Are there any real benefits of deploying CoPP on 6500 SUP32's as opposed to SUP2's?

I know the SUP32 uses an MSFC2A and PFC3B, while the SUP2 uses a MSFC2 and PFC2, but would these improve CoPP performance or possibly simplify configuration on the SUP32.

Are there any other benefits of the SUP32 over the SUP2, other than End-of Sale/Support etc?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Paul

Ok, so im not an SE but we have deployed CoPP on our Sup-7203B with MFC3Bs. Im not up on the exact science of the different MFCs but I do know CoPP has saved our bacon a few times against excessive RP punts!

I guess any benifit's will depend on you exact topology and features but our SE basically said anything destined to the box or source from the box will be process switched and should be covered by CoPP. The biggest hitter we had was IGMP joins after an RP failure.

Do you have CoPP currently deployed on your Sup2s?


Thanks for the response James.

We do not currently have CoPP deployed on any of our SUP32's, but well may look at this going forward.

I've since found out the SUP2 does not support CoPP, so we will use the CoPP arguement on the SUP32's as further support to accelerate the migration to the newer Supervisors.


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