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Copper 10G SFP

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I'm looking for 10GBase-T SFP transceivers compatible with C3850-NM-2-10G module for 10GE ethernet/copper/RJ45 connection. We are going to connect a Dell server and looking for a solution for it.

Something similar to

Any Suggestions.

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Please refer to this guide for more information:

Cisco 10-Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Modules Compatibility Matrix - Cisco

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

This reply is terrible.

First, it fails to address the actual question presented which is that Cisco does NOT make any 10GT SFPs.

Then, it links to an outdated page which doesn't do anything to answer the question.

A bot could have given a better answer


Maybe keglass is a bot?

Or maybe they are unsure and just pointing the user to the 10GB matrix that they can check themselves, they may not have been aware there is not 10GB copper SFP available they are a moderator , nobody had answered the user in 4 days so at least they got a response they could then confirm themselves , the page and response is from 2017 so yes the page is now outdated and Cisco moved to a new tmgmatrix this year

@timsilverline, we're here to try and help others in this field, not trash people. As @Mark Malone stated, this is an old post. Don't be so quick to judge, else you come off looking foolish.

Thanks for this answer timsilverline...there needs to be some cleanup on the quality of the replies on Cisco forums..

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Go for SFP-10G-T-X=

Mark this answer as solved if it resolved your problem.

Confirming, I purchased 6 of these and they ARE NOT compatible with the C3850.

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Is there any solution to this query? I'm having similar requirement. Thanks

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