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Core routers/switches

We are having data centre with core routers(7507) and core switches(4507) which are always ON.

Now is it recommend to take planned reboot of core devices once in 6-7 months?

If yes is there any supported doc giving such recommendation?

Or we should not do reboot of such core devices?


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Re: Core routers/switches

If it's not broke, don't fix it! If you are having memory leakage issues, etc, then sure, bounce the box, but if it's working fine, let 'er rip. If you're head doesn't hurt, do you whack your head against the wall to make sure it's still there? lol...just kidding, but seriously, if things are running smooth, don't bounce a box just for the sake of bouncing it. If you are upgrading the IOS for a specific reason, memory, whatever, then yes, you'll have to bounce the box. If the 4507 was made by Microsoft, i would suggest bouncing it every week or so!!! :)


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Re: Core routers/switches

I completely agree with Brad. I do not think you will find a document out there supporting the theory or recommendation for rebooting of core networks every 6 months or regurlarly for that matter. Simply you do not power cycle a network device unless there is a device problem that grants for a reboot or code upgrade etc.. or there is a planned building electrical power down which forces to power down your network devices and power them backup when power resumes.



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Re: Core routers/switches

what did you decide to do? we never heard back from you.


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