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Creating Uplink between nexus 9500v(on ESXi) and Phyiscal 3750X

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I have successfully installed ova of Nexus 9500v on ESXI host.


I’ve been trying to create a trunk link between a nexus 9500v on ESXi to physical switch 3750X


there definitely is layer two connectivity as cdp NX-OS seem to picking the phyiscal switch.


However I am unable to create p2p routed L3 connection or trunk L2 connection between these two.

The goal is to get underlay connectivity. Then lab up some overlay VXLAN.


any help would be much appreciated.


many thanks 



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Make small Physical Diagram how they connected ?


Does your Esxi have spare Physical port, whcih you can allocate to Nexus Virtual device to connect to Physical Switch ?


Look some concept :


some diagram for you to understand how the Physically can be connected :




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i have no issue creating a trunk link between a physical 3750X and vswitch. Performing either Virtual Vlan Tagging(via vswitch port group) or External Vlan tagging(via switchport access method) no issues there.


the issue I’m having is the nexus isn’t responding to any external/physical L3 or L2 traffic.


for example 


Nexus9500v—-eth1/1 mapped to vnic(virtual adapter)—->vswitch<>Pnic(ESXi physical nic)<-physical switch 3750x  


point to point both routed ports network .1 on nexus 9000v and .2 on physical switch.


it does not work they should be connecting. As technically they are directly attached.


I am not sure what to try next. Have been trying the entire day! 

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