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CSR1000V - Can it do VXLAN bridging AND routing?


Hi - I'm trying to work out if I can use the CSR for a specific requirement - see attached diagram

I have one requirement where a tenant router on one side of the cloud needs L2 adjacency to another tenant router on the other side of the cloud (both in pink at the top of the diagram). These routers would need to form a routing adjacency with each other through the VXLAN network
This is what I understand to be the VXLAN gateway feature or VXLAN bridging
I have another requirement where a tenant would run a routing protocol with a vrf on the CSR, the CSRs would form an adjacency with each other across the VXLAN network, and the the other CSR would for an adjacency with the other tenant router.
This is what I understand to be VXLAN routing
The third requirement I have is to apply QOS on the customer facing interfaces of the CSR - policing inbound, shaping outbound.

Can anyone tell me if the CSR1000V can do all 3 of these?
I've found documents describing the L2 functionality and I'm pretty sure it'll do the QoS, but can it do the VLAN to VXLAN routing and are there any caveats to it performing all three functions?

Cheers, Dom

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Bilal Nawaz

I haven't done a lot on the CSR1Kv apart from basic routing and OTV. Maybe you've seen this document already, but if not, some useful info here on what it can support:

It does include VXLAN, QoS which may need package licenses to enable features.

Hope this helps


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