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Datacenter design with migration from Catalyst 6500 to Nexus 6K with FEX.


My customer plan to migrate his datacenters and i have to study the replacement of his 6500 Cores In dataceter with a combination of 2 Nexus 6001P and FEX Nexus 2248TP.

The diagram attached represent the different interconnexions (L2 and L3 for each Link) in the new Design

Basically, we can say that the root spanning-tree will be located in the Datacenter 1, 1 of the Nexus 6K.

I have many questions regarding the possiblity to this replacement without losing some important features for my customer:

-SPAN Session, i understand that the destination of a monitoring session can only be located on the Nexus 6K, not on a FEX. So i can configure source port for monitor either on Nexus 6K of FEX, but destination ports only on each N6K,  is that True ?

-Spanning-Tree: Is the fact that all the locations will be connected via Links is a problem when using Nexus 6K (in all the documents, i can see that the Nexus 6K and his FEX are the only devices in a Layer 2 domain)?

-OSPF: All the Layer 3 devices (Nexus 6K, 6500, Firewalls ASA) are communicating with OSPF, i have seen building an adjacency with NEXUS 5K when the trafic come from a VPC will not work, for example, Firewall B with the 2 Nexus in Datacenter 1, or maybe 6500 chassis in Headquarter 1 with the Nexus 6K in datacenter 2.That's my main problem i think.

If Nexus 6K and FEX is not possible, i will Study to replace Nexus 6K and Fex by 2 chassis 4500 in VSS.

I have the same questions as for the Nexus 6K (Any limitation on SPAN Sessions, Spanning-tree when all the sites are connected by L2 links and 1 VSS is root spanning-tree, the other VSS is thus not root, OSPF Limitations with MEC Links ?)

Thanks in advance.


Regarding 'building OSPF adjacency with Nexus', this is possible.  Just use a L3 link from each Nexus to the other devices.  Do not use VPC for this purpose.