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DCBX Between Linux and Nexus QOS

Hi Guys

i have a server with 2 physical links only.

over this link im passing 2 vlans in trunk ( can be Portchannel to VPC or bond active passive , doesnt matter to me ) .

vlan 302 is for data

vlan 303 is for backup

server on vlan 303 is pushing traffic on that link and would take as much

bandwidth as we would give it , and would therefore cause communication issues to vlan 302 . ( congestion ) .

I would like to talk about my options here , to avoid congestions .

thought about enabling dcbx on clients ( linux ) and pfc ( priority flow

control ) to be able to negotiate qos and bw allocation according to COS IEEE 802.1p .

the idea is to have either the traffic prioritized/limit/shaped before/when its ingressing the nexus port .

the dcbx looks very cool like i said , it's kind of like what the nexus has with the CNA Card .

when it can send the linux nic through dcbx the qos parameters to apply ! ( ah ok , i see now its exactly the same )

ps linux dcbx link :

Ingress Queuing Policies

You can associate an ingress policy map with an Ethernet interface to guarantee bandwidth for the specified traffic class or to specify a priority queue.

The ingress policy is applied in the adapter to all outgoing traffic that matches the specified CoS value.

When you configure an ingress policy for an interface, the switch sends the configuration data to the adapter. If the adapter does not support the DCBX protocol or the ingress policy type-length-value (TLV), the ingress policy configuration is ignored.

did anyone here tried it or implemented dcbx before ?

anyway id be happy to hear your wise and helpfull suggestions please

Thanks Thanks !!!

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