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deep buffers in 10G cisco ethernet switches


I have a lot microbursts in my network and i looking 10G switches with big buffers. Which models have biggest buffers ? I think about  1-2U (nax 4U) switch with up to 60-100 10G ports. Something like nexus 3064 (he has only  9MB shared buffers AFAIK). Besides deep buffers i need also:

- trill or another  ethernet ring topology like erps,eapsv2,

- Multi chassis LAG,

- virtual routers, policy routing

- dcb

- 40G interfaces  will be plus

thanks for any advice or info,



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deep buffers in 10G cisco ethernet switches

I would say, a Nexus 5596UP with: a layer 3 module, a 16 port Unified Port Module and a four port QSFP Ethernet module would probably be the best fit for what you are looking for.

That would give you 64:10G ports and 4:40Gig ports. It supports Cisco's proprietary version of TRILL (Fabric Path), Muti-chassis LAG (VPC), data center bridging. Depending on what you are looking for when you say virtual routers, VRF will likely meet your needs there.

The raw stats on buffers are a bit misleading in some of the Nexus products. Most of the newer products use next generation VOQ buffering technology that is much more efficient then legacy crossbar ques and can manage congestion with much smaller buffers.


deep buffers in 10G cisco ethernet switches

Hi Peter,  I'd say you may want to look into the new Nexus 6004, just announced a few weeks ago.  It is 4RU expandable up to 96 40G QSFP.  Or there is a 6001 model also but if you need higher port density, the 6004 might be the way to go. Not sure of the pricing point compared to the 5596, but worth a look IMHO.

More info here:


deep buffers in 10G cisco ethernet switches

I'm not sure about buffers: There are 25MB per every 3 ports 40Gb (800 MB per entire 6004)  or 25 MB per whole switch ?

Anyone knows the gpl price for 6001 and 6004 ?

Flexible buffer management: The Cisco Nexus 6004 supports 25-MB packet buffer shared by every 3 ports of 40 Gigabit Ethernet or 12 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Of the 25-MB buffer, 16 MB is used for ingress and 9 MB is used for egress buffering. The Cisco Nexus 6004 supports allocation of buffer as shared, dedicated, or shared plus dedicated. The flexible buffer management capability on the Cisco Nexus 6004 allows for dynamic tuning of the shared and dedicated buffer size if congestion occurs.

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