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Default-Originate Question - BGP

Dan Man

I have two data centers.  My main data center MPLS router has the default-originate statement, in BGP, to send out the default route to all of my MPLS sites.  I'd like to setup failover, in case this DC becomes unavailable.  What would be the best practice to fail the default-originate statement over to the backup DC, in case my main DC fails?  Would the best method be a prepend?  Thanks for taking the time to read this.   I'm not sure why this discussion ended up in the "switching" section of the discussion boards.  I've tried to add it to the routing.  My apologies

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I have a similar problem. Any ideas?

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
Hall of Fame Expert

How are the 2 DCs connected together via BGP?

Via BGP. I’m kind of thinking I need to do a route-map, with a prepend on the originate statement in BGP. Thank you!

Martin L
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VIP Advisor


I think there are 2 ways:

1. this is simpler one that should work; bgp neighbor x default-originate command has an option to tie advertising of default-originate to prefix specified in a route-ma, example of full command therefore is 

neighbor x.x.x.x  default-originate route-map DEFAULT

2. BGP feature called advertise-map with  non-exist-map;  basically it says do this if condition exists (or not exists)

I will try find my examples 'cause this stuff is one of the challenging one


Regards, ML
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I’d really appreciate any examples. Thank you so much!!
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