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Desksets on second switch not seeing UC560 on VLAN 100 on 2nd switch

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Our network has a main switch that branches off to switches that feed equipment in multiple locations in our building. We have a UC560 Connected to the main switch, any desk sets attached to that main switch work just fine. But, when we connect a desk set in another location in the building that's off one of the secondary switches, the desk sets won't connect. 

The UC560 has DHCP that provides IP address info to the desk sets, which works perfectly, but only when connected to the main switch. When you plug a desk in anyplace else in the building they grab a DHCP address from one of our Windows Servers, then fail to communicate with the UC560. 

The UC560 only operates on VLAN 100. The desk sets are on VLAN 100.  The rest of the network is on the default VLAN.  I thought, that being the desk sets were on VLAN 100, they would only multicast on VLAN 100 to set DHCP info.

One option I see is that we disable DHCP on the UC560 and change its VLAN to operate with everything else. Another is very expensive for us, and that is to have a separate network for phones. Any suggestions are welcome.

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