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DHCP option 203 not forwarded to clients


I got a bit of a peculiar problem which is driving me up the wall

I recently upgraded a C3850 24t x 2 stack from 03.03.03SE to denali 16.3.3. 

Ever since our client teams has not  been able to discover the thin/thick clients using option 203 on their HP mgmt systems. This worked fine before the upgrade but now.. its hopeless

The other change which was done was moving the ip net from and older win 2008 dhcp server to a win 2012 server ( this one in a dual state mode)

I have  done the same exact type of job and setup for other places and there it works fine.. I have gone through configurations, compared them side by side and all seems the same.. but nothing comes up

there is one difference in hardware.. and that is the other locations are running a 3850 12 SE stack. instead of the 3850 T version (fiber vs copper)

Does anyone have any experience with the hp mgmt system option 203 and could possible point med to a solution? 

I cant really post configurations.. due to work restrictions but.. I can answer questions.... so gimme your best.

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