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Joris Deprouw

Disable GOLD diagnostic tool on switches

Hi all,

I had a sw/reset on my 6509 switch. The info in the crashinfo file pointed me to bug CSCso89550.

The workaround for this issue is to disable the gold diagnostics tool. Does anyone know how to do this? I can't find much info about this...

Best Regards,


Pronoy Dasgupta
Cisco Employee

Hello Joris,

Looking at the bug report:

It seems that you are referring to the workaround listed there:

Workaround: Disable GOLD diagnostic tool on switches. If the two tests "TestFabricSnakeForward"  and"TestFabricSnakeBackward" are disabled from running as HM tests, this issue should not be seen.

This implies that you would only need to disable the above two tests from the GOLD tool set.

Refer to this link for further information on both the Tests:

For disabling the tests:

1) find out what is the TEST ID using the command:

sh diagnostic content module 5

The output should look something similar to this:

Module 5: Supervisor Engine 720 (Active)

  Diagnostics test suite attributes:
    M/C/* - Minimal bootup level test / Complete bootup level test / NA
      B/* - Basic ondemand test / NA
    P/V/* - Per port test / Per device test / NA
    D/N/* - Disruptive test / Non-disruptive test / NA
      S/* - Only applicable to standby unit / NA
      X/* - Not a health monitoring test / NA
      F/* - Fixed monitoring interval test / NA
      E/* - Always enabled monitoring test / NA
      A/I - Monitoring is active / Monitoring is inactive
      R/* - Power-down line cards and need reset supervisor / NA
      K/* - Require resetting the line card after the test has completed / NA
      T/* - Shut down all ports and need reset supervisor / NA

                                                          Test Interval   Thre-
  ID   Test Name                          Attributes      day shold
  ==== ================================== ============    =============== =====
    1) TestScratchRegister -------------> ***N****A***    000 00:00:30.00 n/a
    2) TestSPRPInbandPing --------------> ***N****A***    000 00:00:15.00 n/a
    3) TestTransceiverIntegrity --------> **PD****I***    not configured  n/a
    4) TestActiveToStandbyLoopback -----> M*PDS***I***    not configured  n/a
    5) TestLoopback --------------------> M*PD****I***    not configured  n/a
    6) TestNewIndexLearn ---------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
    7) TestDontConditionalLearn --------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
    8) TestBadBpduTrap -----------------> M**D****I***    not configured  n/a
    9) TestMatchCapture ----------------> M**D****I***    not configured  n/a
   10) TestProtocolMatchChannel --------> M**D****I***    not configured  n/a
   11) TestFibDevices ------------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   12) TestIPv4FibShortcut -------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   13) TestL3Capture2 ------------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   14) TestIPv6FibShortcut -------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   15) TestMPLSFibShortcut -------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   16) TestNATFibShortcut --------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   17) TestAclPermit -------------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   18) TestAclDeny ---------------------> M**D****A***    000 00:00:05.00 n/a
   19) TestQoSTcam ---------------------> M**D****I***    not configured  n/a
   20) TestL3VlanMet -------------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   21) TestIngressSpan -----------------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   22) TestEgressSpan ------------------> M**D****I***    not configured  n/a
   23) TestNetflowInlineRewrite --------> C*PD****I***    not configured  n/a
   24) TestFabricSnakeForward ----------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   25) TestFabricSnakeBackward ---------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   26) TestTrafficStress ---------------> ***D****I**T    not configured  n/a
   27) TestFibTcamSSRAM ----------------> ***D*X**IR**    not configured  n/a
   28) TestAsicMemory ------------------> ***D*X**IR**    not configured  n/a
   29) TestAclQosTcam ------------------> ***D*X**IR**    not configured  n/a
   30) TestNetflowTcam -----------------> ***D*X**IR**    not configured  n/a
   31) ScheduleSwitchover --------------> ***D****I***    not configured  n/a
   32) TestFirmwareDiagStatus ----------> M**N****I***    not configured  n/a
   33) TestFabricFlowControlStatus -----> ***N****I***    000 00:00:15.00 n/a

As you can see here, the Test ID numbers are 24 and 25.

2) Next use this command:

[no] diagnostic monitor module  test {

So in the above example it would be something like the following:

no diagnostic monitor module 5 test 24

no diagnostic monitor module 5 test 25

Let me know if this helped.