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Do hosts send IGMP membership reports for multicast groups in the range?

Sam Brynes

My guess is "no".


I connected a Cisco router to a switch and SPANed the port. I didn't see any IGMP membership reports for or for


On a related note, how do Cisco switches handle multicast for any differently than for other multicast ranges if hosts do not send IGMP membership reports for If they don't send IGMP membership reports for that range, my best guess is that a Cisco switch would flood all traffic destinted for across all ports in the same VLAN on the switch (and any trunks that do not have that VLAN pruned).


Jon Marshall
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend


They don't send membership reports for are flooded within the vlan and you cannot filter them using IGMP snooping or you couldn't the last time I looked at this which was a while ago. 



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