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EtherChannel and 802.1Q Trunking Between 3750 Catalyst and 1941/K9 Router

Hi all,

I am trying to configure etherchannel trunking between 3750G stack and 1941/K9 to create redundancy (4 links going from 1941 to 3 different switches).

I have followed the guide:

Now, I got to the point where I need to configure a router etherchannel sub interfaces however it doesn't like 'interface port-channel 1.10' command. At the begining of the document it says that only Cisco 7000 series will support both etherchannel and IEEE 802.1Q Encapsulation.

Does that mean that I can't have etherchannel trunking between the router and the stack?




Hi everybody again, I think

Hi everybody again,


I think this is certain that 1941/K9 cannot support EtherChannel with 802.1Q trunking, however if you think I am wrong - please correct me.


Also, we just installed 4 port switch card to our 1941 and I am thinking about using 1 link for let's say VLAN 10, 20 and link 2 for VLAN 30, 40. Would this be another solution to create some more bandwidth by decreasing number of subnets per link ?



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What is doing your intervlan

What is doing your intervlan routing, the 3750G or the 1941 Router?

If I were you, I would just enable IP Routing on the 3750G and create your SVI interfaces.

Then have a default route to the 1941, that way you don't need to worry about subinterfaces on the Router. 

The 2911 we have in the office definitely supports L3 etherchannels on its Routed ports but I am unsure if the 1941 does. 



Hi,At the moment we do not


At the moment we do not have any intervlan routing as we do not have any vlans. I have come up with little project to rip the whole network apart, reorganise the cabinet, remove old equipment and install new equipment as well as new configuration.

At the moment, we have one Cisco 1941/k9 which has got one subnet (not vlan), which then goes to the HP switches. Everything is on one big network.

Now, we purchased 3x3750G switchesand configured as a stack. I plan to implement 2 vlans, and

I thought that instead of having just 1 cable going in from the 1941/K9, we will have let's say 4 cables going in as a EtherChannel however it seems like 1941/k9 doesn't support trunk etherchannel.

We have 4 port switch module, however I am unable to configure channel group on any of those ports. When I go into indivudal port I can't issue channel group, when I select an interface range I get the following:

Router(config)#interface range fastEthernet 0/0/0 - fastEthernet 0/0/3

Router(config-if-range)#channel-group 1 mode on

% Interface range command failed for FastEthernet0/0/0

% Command failed on interface FastEthernet0/0/0. Aborting


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What model is the 4 port card

What model is the 4 port card in the routeR?


Since we only have one 1941

Since we only have one 1941/k9 which is currently in use and GNS3 doesn't support an image for this model, I have tried to play with this model in Cisco Packet Tracer and it only tells HWIC-4ESW I'm afraid.

We have placed an order for a 4 port EWIC card for our real 1941/k9 however an e-mail doesn't specify part number/serial.


Hi guys,Anyway, do you have

Hi guys,

Anyway, do you have any ideas on how to accomplish redundant connection between 1941/k9 and 3750g stack if 1941/k9 doesn't support trunk etherchannel?


why looping don t present  in

why looping don t present  in etherchennal?

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