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Ethernet Extender on Telco Circuit


When working at a small service provider in New York we were using Ethernet extenders to customer sites that were located within a mile of the office. The circuit in use was a copper pair with no battery, dial tone, conditioning etc... I didn’t order these circuits so I don’t know what they are called from the telco perspective and now I would like to use them in New Jersey. I would appreciate any insight to these circuits so I can ask our telco regarding availability.

Thanks for any help.


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Rising star

Out here (PAC NW) we used the term LADS   Local area data service.

It also had no "clock" per se, you did your own timing.

This goes back a few years, so its at best an educated guess.


Thank you for the reply. I contacted Verizon and this is the explanation/product they are offering:

I have a preliminary quote for the alarm lines as well for a series 1011 circuit which is defined as:

“Series 1000 channels are special signaling and sub-voice grade channels

furnished for Half and Full Duplex operation on a two-point or multi-point

basis for service 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week for a minimum period of one

month. These channels, when furnished for remote metering, supervisory control

and miscellaneous signaling purposes, may be used for indicating readings of

meters at distant locations, operating switches which trigger some other

operation (i.e., alarms, sirens or gauges) or operating special signaling

devices of the customer.”

Looking to see if this is what anyone else has or has experience with.

Thank you,


Sounds about the same. Note the sub-voice grade notation. You "might" be able to run ethernet, but it could be problematic.

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