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Getting hold of software upgrade for second-hand Nexus 5548UP

I've just bought a cheap Nexus 5548UP off eBay to teach myself FCoE and configuring Cisco switches from the comfort of my bedroom. Thanks to the kind members who recommended this over a 6120, and for then helping me configure it for FCoE.

I wish to upgrade the switch's software from the current v5
25136128    Apr 28 23:31:10 2011  n5000-uk9-kickstart.5.0.3.N1.1b.bin
188700150    Apr 28 23:32:29 2011  n5000-uk9.5.0.3.N1.1b.bin

But I was unable to register the switch with Cisco as their registration process "didn't recognise" my serial number. I raised a support case and, ultimately, was told by an engineer that to register I would need to buy a support contract but first have to get the switch inspected and that "inspections may be purchased and arranged through Cisco Customer Service".

I asked if Cisco had any kind of free student schemes for people who weren't using their gear in a production environment,
and he said I should reach out to this forum to get help.

So... can anyone offer any help in me getting the software and firmware upgraded?


VIP Engager

Hi @JimCh 

First, Nexus related questions are better suited for Data Center community. There is even a dedicated sub-community for DC (Nexus) switches. :-) 

Second, please see my last answer in the previous thread for how to download software.

Last but not least: upgrade guides can be found here: 


Stay safe Jim,



Thanks again for the replies, Sergiu.

When I login and go to

and click on the "NX-OS System Software" -> "6.0(2)N2(7)" there is a bit of text in the bottom right hand corner that reads:

"Additional Entitlement Required"

If I click download options and attempt to download anything, it logs me out and tells me I need to login and that I need a support contract. If I login again and attempt to download it, it tells me I need a services contract.

Can this be true? Cisco demands a service contract before I can upgrade their firmware on a second-hand, 9-year old switch I want to use in a non-production environment to learn Cisco gear?

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