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Garrison Botts

Ghost in the wire? MACFLAPPING

I've got an issue that even TAC is having trouble finding the answer to:

I have a customer with a small campus.  At the main agg site, there is a stack of 3650s which also does their routing. At the smaller buildings, there are individual 3650s tied in via gig fiber (single uplink).  They have a helpdesk in the main site also on a 3650 that is connected via cat6 copper.  There are about 20 vlans with vlan 995 being the VoIP vlan.  PCs are connected through the phone PC ports.. 


One of the buildings on the campus (call it Bldg A) is having voice issues where the phones just resets by itself. Looking into this, we see logs showing:

(Campus Agg switch)

%SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 0007.7d42.ccae in vlan 995 is flapping between port Gi1/0/9  (Uplink to Helpdesk Switch) and port Te4/1/4 (Uplink to smaller bldg)

(Bldg A switch)

%SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 0007.7d42.ccae in vlan 995 is flapping between port Gi1/0/6 (User Station) and port Gi1/1/1 (Uplink to Agg Switch)

Helpdesk  switch shows nothing in the logs as far as MACFLAPs

When I go to Bldg A switch, I see this during that time (it goes back to 1/0/6 for both when good) :

nX-C-CHA-2#sh mac add add 0007.7d42.ccae
Mac Address Table

Vlan Mac Address Type Ports
---- ----------- -------- -----
407 0007.7d42.ccae DYNAMIC Gi1/0/6
995 0007.7d42.ccae DYNAMIC Gi1/1/1
Total Mac Addresses for this criterion: 2

Vlan Mac Address Type Ports
---- ----------- -------- -----
407 0007.7d42.ccae DYNAMIC Gi1/0/6
995 0007.7d42.ccae DYNAMIC Gi1/0/6
Total Mac Addresses for this criterion: 2

Unplugging the Helpdesk switch - MACFLAPs go away.  Plugging the uplink in without ANY other ports connected - MACFLAP begins again.. 

Things we've tried:

Packet captures on Helpdesk Switch - Cisco has and saw nothing.

Down rev'ing the Helpdesk Switch. 
Clearing arp/ Rebooting ALL switches.
Replacing Helpdesk switch - this is a brand new switch stack and Bldg A switch less than a year old as well.

Did a complete site walk to ensure there were no hubs/desk switches connected. 
Spanning-tree shows the proper root ports to the 995 vlan bridge  and all other phones seem to be working fine. 



Just some things to look at:

1- Are you manually pruning and allowing only the necessary VLANs on the trunk links?

2- Is the native VLAN on the trunk links set correct on all sides?

3 - Is it just one, some or all phones at Bldg A?

4- Is there the possibility of a phone at building A with both ports (LAN and PC) plugged into the switch?

5- Would it be possible to provide some of the configs of the help Desk, Bldg A and Agg site?


1) Yes.. I have tried manually pruning as well as having it open. Cisco TAC and I have tried everything. Nothing seems to explain it.

2) Yes... The customer has left the native vlan default. 

3)  There are 45 phones in Bldg A at least.. There are only 3 that are having this macflap issue. It's truly a crazy thing. All different models of phones too..

4) Our site walk of Bldg A and the Helpdesk area verified that everything is wired properly. This just one day started happening. No reason.. I've rebooted the Callmanagers too..  The only thing I haven't done is looked into the built in Wireless Lan Controllers on the switches. I was thinking "maybe" they are creating some type of bridge. The only problem with that is this is just happening on the voice vlan.   Very crazy stuff...

5) I can upload the configs after I sanitize.. But Cisco TAC spent 20 hrs looking and saw nothing.. Gimme a few to do so... 

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