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Rajesh Hirani


I am working with three routers where only one should be AVF which is tracking route. When that route fails, the other two should load balance. I though the GLBP weight should be set to "0" which will take the 2 router out of the AVF group but  the only option we have of changing the weight is 1-255. 

I am unable to think of a way with out using some magic with EEM script. Does any one have an idea?




I don't know why you decided to have only one AVF within 3 router, but you can use HSRP instead, to achieve your goal.

HSRP will get the active and standby but will not load balance between the two router :-)

I am trying to get the first router to be the only AVF and the other two only to come on if the first one fails


HSRP will definitely load balance with some more configuration, by adding different groups with different default gateways.

Anyway, i'm curious why do you want to do this?  

Yes, I know that can by changing the default gateway but that is not something I want to do....

I'm not 100% certain you'll be able to do this, but here are a couple of suggestions. The default load balancing method is round robin. You can change this to weighted:

glbp 1 load-balancing weighted

On the primary one that you want, change the weight to 254. Set to priority of 105:

glbp 1 weighting 254
glbp 1 priority 105

Set it to preempt for the AVG:

glbp 1 preempt

On the other two routers, you could change both of their weights to 1:

glbp 1 weighting 1

Leave their default priorities to 100, but change load balancing method to weighted:

glbp 1 load-balancing weighted

I have no way of testing this and you could very well receive traffic on the two routers that you don't want to receive traffic on. The only other thing that I could suggest if you really want to do this would be the eem script route that you mentioned. You could monitor your tracked object, and if that goes down, run your script. The script could remove the glbp config from the primary router and leave the vIP on the other two routers.



HTH, John *** Please rate all useful posts ***

Thank John, this is some thing I tried when "0" was not in the range of weight. However, the AVF are still in the learnt state which mean they will participate in the traffic flow.

Rajesh Hirani


After working on this case for few days. I have concluded this cannot be done with using EEM. GLBP works well with failover and option to take out AVF if its not AVG.