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Graceful solution to phantom IP conflicts on 6513 switch?

A few weeks ago, I started getting complaints of IP address conflicts on my network with my Windows 7 hosts.  When I went into the event logs I found that the conflict was with and it sometimes listed the MAC address of the switch interface.  It seems that this is a known issue, and Cisco is blaming Windows for gratuitous ARP requests.  Why did this start just weeks or months ago out of the blue?  The article that I was reading about this problem was from October 2013, but they note that this happened with Vista too.  Was there a recent Windows update that caused this change in behavior?

I have tried to follow the suggestions in this article:

But I can't perform the most common fixes, such as setting a delay using "ip device tracking probe delay" or "ip device tracking probe use−svi" which seems like the most logical fix.  It seems that I am being punished because I have a 6513 or a 6500 series switch.  These commands are not available to me ... and at the rate we are going, probably never will be.

I have also performed the workaround with my Windows machines to kill the gratuitous ARP.  That has resolved 90 percent of the conflicts I was seeing, but not all of them.

Has anyone else found a good fix or workaround for this problem involving 6500 series switches?


This may actually be related

This may actually be related to my WCS / WLC environment.  I was reviewing old work orders this morning and I noticed that every documented case has been on our wireless network.

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