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Help need to implement VPN.


Hi all,

I need help to design and select a cisco vpn solution.

Our network has 4 remote sites (including head office) and 2 of them are out of our town/city and have approximate 1000 km geographic distance from main office and I have given task to connect head office with those out of city branches.

Kindly suggest me router for headoffice and remote sites. Please note that we need to implement DHCP separately on remote sites but should be inter-site routeable/pingable so that we can continue our working smoothly.  

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Georg Pauwen
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it obviously depends on your budget, but the ASR 1000 for the head office, and ISR routers for the branches would be an option. They all can function as a local DHCP server. Are you looking at implementing a DMVPN topology ?

@Georg Pauwen What is DMVPN? I am newbie to this.


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First, you need to consider before deploying any solution :


1. Do you have a budget in IT to invest in new hardware or solution.

2. what is the existing arrangement to connect to head office?

3. what infrastructure do you have in each place ?

4. what kind of link delivery are you looking to connect? over the Internet or MPLS.

5. what kind of bandwidth requirement in each site. (cisco routers required some license for some features to activate).






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