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Help Please with Cisco 1801 upgrade

Mark Bracking

There are several things I would d like to do since I am new to this forum I would like to ask if I should create a separate post for each?

Here is the first thing I would like to complete

I picked up a Cisco 1801 to run my DSL through but I am having a little trouble finding the information that I’m looking for. What I would like to do is upgrade the flash on the unit to 64 meg and add the new IOS before I set it up on my network. Could someone please tell me where I can find the information or tell me how to do it ..that would be great?

The Second would be to configure the Cisco 1801 to access my isp than run it to a Cisco 881.

This is the third thing I would like to do:

i would like to use the 881 for my network.. port one to my Cisco 200-18 gigabit switch for my network and port to my Cisco lab so the lab can access

the internet

thank you for you for taking the time to assist me

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Richard Burts
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Hall of Fame Community Legend


I would suggest that it is much better to create a separate post for each of the items that you want to ask about. Putting all three in the same post will discourage some potential responders since they may want to respond to only one or two of the items.

As to your first item, I am puzzled. According to the documentation the 1800 series defaults to 64 Meg flash and can be upgraded to 128 Meg. How much flash does the router have currently.

Installing a new version of IOS on your router may be a bit of a challenge. Copies of IOS are accessed through Cisco or sometimes through the company which sold you the router. To download a new version of IOS from Cisco requires that your CCO ID have privileges to download software, and that generally requires a current and valid maintenance contract for the router.





Ok I well just work on the Flash & IOS on theis post and repost each of the other items as I complete them.

I have 32 meg in my router cisco didn't start shipping them with 64 meg until after 2008.

As for the IOS when i bought the router from the company in Seattle they said that they would provide me with a different IOS software if I needed it. I was looking at Cisco 15.4 because it has some features that I would like to access.

I know on the Cisco 2691 you can use a 3725 or 3745 to format the compactflash than use it in the 2691.

But I don't know if i can do the same thing with the flash from a 1801. I have also read that you can use a fdisk to

format the flash but Cisco suggest that you use a router to format the flash before using it in a computer. From what

I have read so far you shouldn't remove the flash on the Cisco 1801 when the power is on so I can't just stick the

new flash in.

This is beside the point but I also wonder about the Boot Rom version on the router but cannot find information

on what boot rom supports what IOS software version. Seems a little strange to me there is not more information

on the 1801.

thank yu for taking the time to reply

Leo Laohoo
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You can go to your favorite electronics shop and try out CF.  Maximum size I've tested the CF on ISR G1 (except 870) is 2Gb.

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