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Ahmed M Alzaeem

ho to apply ip policy to router that has 1000 of directly connected users?

hi ,

i have a bras router that uses l2tp protocol ,

the users login and every users seems to be directly connected to the router on /32 subnetmask

i mean if u type , #sh users  you will find alot of users which reach to 1000 users using vi access.

my router has one interface used as l2tp gi0/1 and the other interfacegi0/2 has a default route  to internet "it connected to switch with two internet sources"

my question is,  how to applly the polivy map that  set a next hop to the traffic which is leaving the intrface gi0/2 ???

the problem is it has to be applied at the -----in direction---  but ,  in my scenario  i dont has interfaces that each one has  its subnet , but instaed i hae alot of directly connected subnets each one  has the mask /32  .

how to apply this ip policy in this case ???


Ahmed M Alzaeem

hi ,

is the question unclear???


Peter Paluch
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Hello Ahmed,

The individual tunnels should be terminated on Virtual-Access interfaces, and in turn, these interfaces are cloned on the fly from the appropriate Virtual-Template interface. Hence, you will need to put the route-map for PBR purposes onto the Virtual-Template interface.

I doubt that a configuration change performed on the Virtual-Template is automatically propagated to associated Virtual-Access interfaces. It may be necessary to drop the L2TP sessions and let them reestablish anew for the changed Virtual-Template configuration to be applied onto newly cloned Virtual-Access interfaces.

is the question unclear???

I apologize if I am hard here but if you need a timely resolution of your issue, paid support is more appropriate than trying to force people here into solving your issue. Remember this is a voluntary forum. Even if you feel you need to "bump" your thread to raise it to spotlight once more, there are more polite ways of doing that instead of posting inconsiderate questions.

Best regards,