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Home lab set up. Cisco along side existing family LAN

1st post.  Just getting started with Cisco.  I am a Windows guy. I have no Cisco skills at the moment.  I am hoping to broaden my knowledge via practical Cisco experience and improve on my Windows skills and experience as a by-product of leanring Cisco.  I'm hoping to run add a Cisco 2801 to my existing 2x Netgear GS110T switches and Virgin Media Router without disturbing the setup too much.  Depending my success, I may invest in an eBay Cisco lab and perhaps aim for ICND1.

The existing home network is based on SBS2011.  The family stuff runs on the IP range of  My ISP is Virgin Media.  GW is  Virgin Media hub is currently set to router mode. The router does have a modem only modeavailable to it.  DHCP/DNS comes from  Spare SOHO routers lying about = Cisco E4200 & Draytek 2900.

I wish to learn Cisco IOS and simulate a remote branch containing a Windows Server running BranchCache/WDS and along side Windows clients.  The Cisco router is a 2801.  I have the 2 Fast Ethernet ports available to me.  The 2801 is too noisy to run 24x7.

Therefore, I am wondering if it is possible to add the 2801 to the existing (quiet) network.  I would like it to add an additional subnet to my home network and allow the additional subnet to see both the existing LAN and connect connected clients to the internet via  DHCP/DNS would come from and internet would be via

ie:  In a perfect world.  When time allows, I want to be able to power up the Cisco 2801 to get the additional subnet and learn more about Cisco and Windows whilst not affecting the usability of the family friendly LAN.

If this is possible, I'd appreciate some pointers as this setup won't be an "out of the box" scenario that starter guides do not cover.

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Re: Home lab set up. Cisco along side existing family LAN

Using your 2801 to set up a second subnet is doable. How you do it depends on the capabilities of your Virgin router. Will the Virgin allow you to set up static routes or maybe even RIP? If not you may have to set up NAT on the 2801. You'll also need to set up an IP helper address on the 2801 for DHCP. Regardless it's a great way to get your feet wet and start learning.

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Re: Home lab set up. Cisco along side existing family LAN


IMHO, a 2801 is a bit of an overkill for starters (and budget) to use as a home router. I would suggest to use either an 800 or 1800 series ISR if you want to start learning the IOS CLI.

The 1841 is perfect for a home router since it accepts an Ethernet hand off from your ISP and can use WIC modules when you upgrade and connect to other routers. It's also operating virtually noiseless and supports IOS 15 codes (using the right RAM and Flash).

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