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how can I disable automatic resume when enter is pressed?

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I am on the CLI of router A. I telnet to Router B. I want to hop back to Router A so I enter  CTRL+SHIFT+6x. I want to stay on Router A but when I hit enter the router automatically resumes my connection to router B.

Is there any way to disable this automatic resume feature?



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By using Ctrl-Shift-6 followed by the x key this will only suspend the current telnet session.

It does not disconnect from the router

By using show sessions you will see a session in place.

When hitting the enter key you are resuming your session, instead type exit while in a telnet session, this will terminate the telnet session.

You can also you the disconnect keyword while on the first router to disconnect all current sessions.

Hope this helps.

Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but I have scoured the Internet for weeks and have been unable to have this same question answered.

I have the same question scottogden_2 has: how do we keep a vty session alive, but disable the 'hit return on a blank line to resume the last session'?  In my Unix administration, I often use several blank lines in a row to separate output in my scrollback buffer/output logs, and this 'feature' breaks that flow completely on IOS devices; ergo, I want to have to explicitly use the 'resume' command to bring back a connected session.

Thanks for your help.

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VIP Alumni

The only way i know of is to type "disconnect" , this will kill the vty session to the other box.

Thanks for your replies.

I should have been more clear

What I am trying to do is to keep my session open to Router B but I just don't want it to resume automatically when I press enter on Router A's prompt.

In other words I want to disable the automatic command built into the IOS that tells the Router to resume previous connections when the enter key is pressed.


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