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How to 802.1ad/0x88a8

In terms of 802.1ad with ethertype of 0x88a8 configuration on Cisco what configuration would you need to implement. 
A. Ethernet dot1ad (nni,uni-s-port-c-port)
B.dot1q tunnel ethertype 0x88a8 
C. Both of the above 
How do I properly implement this configuration im very aware of how dot1q and dot1ad with different ether types work, But Cisco documentation shows both these methods and generally changing the physical interface to 0x88a8 on layer2 domain would work just fine with most venders but when I implement this on CML nothing seems to work it either freezes or nothing is reachable with method B and with method A it works with or without the config so it’s almost unclear if it’s doing anything at all. So my question is how do I properly configure ether-type 0x88a8 because according to Cisco’s documentation method A command (ethernet dot1ad) is also infact 0x88a8 regardless of changing the actual physical interfaces (ether-type to 0x88a8).
If you have any knowledge of this subject on Cisco please enlighten me and point me in the right direction how do I go about this. Short examples of this would be great, for example two routers with two switches in between all running ethertype 0x88a8 and the two routers need to beable to ping each other.
Hope this is clear enough 
Kind regarded 
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