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How to access and configure 2900 series XL switch?

I inherited the position of maintain and configuring a Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series XL switch. I've studied the Cisco switch sometime back in college but it has been sometime since then.

In any case below are my questions or task that I need to do.

1. How do I access the switch?

2. How do specify which port is the port that is connected to the Internet?

3. Currently the switch is setup to not allow any computers to access the Internet. How do I configure the switch so that any computer that is connected to the switch can access the Internet?

These are my top three questions at the moment. Any help or suggestion is much appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Please check the links below:

Catalyst 2900 Series XL Installation and Configuration Guide

Configuration Examples and TechNotes

Hope it helps,

Franco Zamora

Amit Singh
Cisco Employee


1.You can access the switch using various methods like using a console cable, telnet/SSh access to the switch or using SNMP.

2.Do you have internet router connected directly to this switch? If yes, if you know the gateway router's ip address then ping it from the switch or PC, check the ARP table and locate the Mac-address of the router. You will be able to map that mac-address to the switchport and will come to know that router is connect onto which port.

3. Two ways, either assign all the ports to the same vlan where router is located or create inter-vlan ruting using the switch and trunk to the router. Which router do you have?

Please provide more info about the topology you have.Which routter you have and hows the connectivity to the switch.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

Many thanks for all your help. I will give those documents some reading. However in the mean time, what is the best way to connect to the switch if my computer is connected to the switch via ethernet cable?

if your switch has an ip address defined and password set on line vty, you can try telnet to it.

Okay, I did a little digging on the switch and found that there is a blue flat cable going from the switch to the computer with a terminal adapter at the end to hook into the com1 port of the computer. On the blue cable it has this lables:

AWM STYLE 20251 E129757 60(degrees)C 150V 26AWG LOROM CSA AWM TYPE 60(degrees)C 300V I/II A/B FT I/IILL97744

Not sure what kind of cable this is but it looks to me that I can use HyperTerminal to access the switch, correct?