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How to Best Dual Home 2960X to Dual 5596UP Nexus

I have 1 2960X located in 1 IDF and 1 2960X located in a 2nd IDF. I have dual fiber connections from each 2960X running back to a pair of interconnected Nexus 5596UP core switchs. I have configured 2 ports on each Nexus as port-channel (18 & 19) with VPC. The Nexus ports E1/35 and E1/36on each Nexus is configured as belonging to a specific VPC. I use ports G1/0/49 and G1/0/51 on one 2960X and ports g1/0/25 and g1/0/27 on the other as trunks and port-channels. The idea being each 2960 will be conntected to each Nexus and if one Nexus conneciton fails the other is still activie. I also want the bandwidth agragated by using VPC if both connecitons are active. Here is the config of one pair as you can see the VPC is not active. the port are up but the VPC is not. the switch is "passing data" I can access it via either NEXUS. To me it looks like I need to put the ports G0/25 and g0/27 in port channels on the 2960. Is there anything else that needs to be done? Can someone review and see what I am dong wrong?

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Re: How to Best Dual Home 2960X to Dual 5596UP Nexus

You need to create the same portchannels on the 2960 side (18 and 19) and add the proper ports to each one.

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/25

channel- group 19 mode active

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/27

channel- group 19 mode active


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