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how to configure DNS forwarder on Cisco Router !?

mohammed hashim


I have seen something lie this:

ip name-server
ip domain-lookup

ip dns server

and something like:

ip dns view default
 dns forwarder
 dns forwarder

which config is used as DNS forwarder !?

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Ganesh Hariharan
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello Mohammed,

Both will forward request to DNS server but with DNS view configuration setup, that setup is normally used in split dns design with forwarding traffic to internal and external world.

For example :-

ip dns view internal
domain name
domain name-server
domain name-server
The command above creates the DNS view named "internal", sets the domain name to "" and sets up DNS forwarding to a pair of Google's DNS servers.
Now, Create private internal DNS namespace within that view.
ip host view internal server1
ip host view internal server2
ip host view internal server3
ip host view internal server4
ip host view internal server5
Next step is to assign the view to a ‘view list’. A view list is an ordered list of view where you can put additional restrictions. 
ip dns view-list internallist
view internal 1
Now, I assign the view list to a subinterface/VLAN.
interface FastEthernet0/1.1
description data vlan
encapsulation dot1Q 1 native
ip address
ip dns view-group internallist
ip nat inside
Now, this VLAN has visibility to the “internal” DNS namespace above and utilizes DNS forwarding to Google’s DNS servers.
With ip name-server everything gets forwarded to these servers.
Hope it Helps..
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is the f0/1 LAN interface of the router?

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