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How to use transreceiver in cisco sg550xg-24f switch?

I have a Dell server that has "Intel X710 Dual Port 10GbE SFP+ Adapter, PCIe Low Profile, V2" and I can connect CAT 7 cable directly. How to connect CAT 7 cables on a cisco switch that comes with SFP+ ports? if we purchase in future CBS350-24P-4X switch it come with four SFP+ ports. 


1. How to convert SFP+ to RJ45 so that I can use CAT 7 wire?

2. If we have to use a trans receiver which one/type to use?

3. How to setup VLAN on SFP+ ports?  My sg550xg-24f has 2 SFP+ ports I see in interface LAG section not XG

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@mayank srivastava hello, 

i assume you are using 10Gbps, copper transceiver at dell server side because you mentioned you are using CAT7. CBS350 series do not have 10Gbps copper capability. you can use CBS350-24XT or similar model to get copper 10G ports.

if you have fiber transceivers for dell server side, you can use fiber 10G transceiver at CBS350-24P-4X but you need to use fiber cables to connect. use this tool to check transceiver compatibility for cisco devices.

LAG option is using to create port aggregation. you can bind VLANs for any ports.


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Good luck

Actually, when we ordered our Dell Servers, we were not sure about SFP+(we were only concerned it should be 10G). We ordered "Intel X710 Dual Port 10GbE SFP+ Adapter, PCIe Low Profile, V2" as it was only a 10G option. On Dell's website, it says the port supports 10G Ethernet.

Therefore, In order to use SFP+ ports on my Cisco switch I should get trans receiver that convert SFP+ to Ethernet? Yes, I am aware that we can but copper 10G switch but we are thinking as a cost savior approach to get a Cisco switch with SFP+ and transceiver.

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