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HSRP cat3750 facing HSRP nexus



I have two cat3750 switch and it facing two nexus router.

My goal is to configure HSRP on routed ports of the switch going to nexus router ( which also has HSRP) so logically it will have cat3750 <-----> Nexus connection.

I already configure the HSRP on the routed port of the switch. But it seems like shen i use "sh standby" or "sh standby brief" both of them are in active state. What connection do should I have between two switches to have HSRP work fine?

FYI behind the cat3750 are hosts with intervilan connection.. uplink going out of switch to nexus.

Thank you,


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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
Hall of Fame Expert

You can use the Nexus to connect the 3750s together. Put the ports that connect to Nexus in a layer-2 vlan. This way, the 2 3750s can see each other and you should be able to ping both 3750s and the vip address.  Use a higher priority on the router you want to be the master.


Network consist of that network device. cisco catalyst 3750 with stackwise, 2xnexsus 5000  series and servers.servers connected to nexsus switch. nexsus connect to 3750.
Each server have two link, one of them connect nexsus1 and other connect to nexsus2 switch.(same traffic) each nexsus have one link to 3750. At 3750 the nexsus link configurate etherchannel. but the flapping occur at 3750.
I understand that at 2 nexsus link have the same server source mac address so the flapping occur at 3750.

I understand on older IOS codes If the same hsrp group number is assigned to multiple standby groups, it creates a non-unique MAC address. Is this true on newer codes like 12.2(52)SE for 3750 & 3560?

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