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I can't access my 2911 router through SSL.

I just got in a new 2911 router with IOS version 15.2(3)T1. I am able to access using SSH and have provisioned it to use our TACACS server. I am attempting to configure the ip http secure-server portion and that is when the trouble start. If I use http secure-server, I cannot access at all. The web browser returns cannot connect or the connection was disconnected. When I turn off the http secure-server and use http server, I get a log in prompt that requests that the user must be a privilege 15 to log in (this is good). When I put my router local username and password, the log in prompt just returns, when I use my TACACS username and password, the same thing happens. I end up just clicking on cancel and the browser returns 401 unauthorized access message. We have tried different configurations for http secure-server and have come up with the same problems. I have inserted an access list, with no luck at all.

Here is the configuration that is currently on the router:

no ip http server

ip http secure-server

ip http authentication local

ip http timeout-policy idle 60 line 86400 requests 10000

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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