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i have electric failure , but the router didnt bootup gain automacticly !!!!!!


hi ,

i want to ask an important question ,

yesterday my all my servers & routers on rack got an electric failure.

i mean disconnect then connect

but the strange issue  is some routers didnt worked automaticly .

i mean when u cut electric and  return it agian , i device off then on .

but the strange issue , was the device wasnt  up , i was supposed to press off power then on power to so the device is on .

is there any option for cisco iso for that ??

im afraid this is an issue in hardware.


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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame
but the strange issue , was the device wasnt  up , i was supposed to press off power then on power to so the device is on 

This happens but rarely.  Sometimes you need intervention but mostly, Cisco appliance are designed to automatically bootup when power is applied.

In my years of network, I've seen this happen to routers, switches, wireless access points, etc. 

I've seen this intermittently with Cisco 2851 routers. Was told it was a known issue on some S/N range and a fix was available, but I never followed up. If you have Cisco support I'd open a ticket.

Also, when I saw this issue and connected via console it was always hung on compact flash access.

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Not heard of this.  I do have a few 2851 and I've never encountered this.  We do bring down the power regularly (4 x yearly) and I do regular IOS upgrade (2-3 x yearly).

hi  ,

i have a recent elctetric failure  but  every devices booted up agian .

but  in the last once , i have two routers didnt boot up automatically :

==>cisco 7206 npe g2

===>cisco 7604 multilayer switch

i  afraid that this is an effect happend on hardware equipments !!


leolaohoo do u this is a natural event ???

do u this is a natural event ???

Power failure?  Yes.  At least 4 times a year.

Cisco appliance not booting up?  Not all the time.  Very, very rarely.

I was trying to configure my electric smoker with the router to control it via wifi but lost the power during the process. Now, after getting back the power it's not resuming the configuration. Should I try to reboot all the devices?

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