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In cisco ie2000 i had Deleted all file from flesh: please help me


I have cisco ie2000 16ptc-g-e and i delete all files from flash: please help me what to do now

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@mkumawat1307 wrote:

are u saying i upload only ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5.bin file in switch after that boot this file 

Yes, boot the filename ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5.bin.

When the switch successfully boots 15.2(4)EA5, download the TAR file whatever version you want to upgrade to. 

Use the recommended process to upgrade the switch:  archive download-sw tftp://<TFTP_IP_ADDRESS>/TAR_FILENAME.TAR

IMPORTANT:  The IE switches have an SD slot.  Those SD ports are not "decorations".  If these switches are going to be deployed in remote- to very-remote locations, the SD card can be a time-saver.  

Dear sir 


i put this bin file yesterday on upload from xmodem thought it will but fully uploaded by morning but it stopped at 85% now i have to upload again and it will take 9 to 10 hours and when i set baud rate to 115200 then it shows this 

switch: set BAUD 115200
Can't set BAUD for SD env, please use <set -p>


please help me to set baud rate to 115200 


and thanku to guide me

i got this error now


switch: copy xmodem: flash:ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5.bin
Begin the Xmodem or Xmodem-1K transfer now...
CCCCC....xmodem:: I/O error

Are you using a USB mini-type B console cable or an RJ-45 console cable with a USB-to-Serial adaptor?


Do you have a USB mini-type B?  It does not need to be a Cisco-branded cable.  

If there is, use that.


In case anyone else runs into this issue or has an IE2000 stuck in a boot loop with the following error.

%Error stat'ing ucode0:jeevesfpga.rbf (No such file or directory)

The only way to break the boot loop is by removing and re-applying power whilst holding the reset button.

If you've deleted everything from flash, there are two options. Copy the files you need to an SD card (FAT16) or use the XMODEM/XMODEM1K protocol over the console serial port to restore the image.

You need two (2) files.

  • The binary image (.bin) file
  • The FPGA code (jeevesfpga.rbf) which matches the .bin file you're using.

Both of the files are available from the .tar image. Do not attempt to upgrade an IE2000 series switch with the .bin image only.

To increase the console speed (baud) you need to modify the parameters in the Primary flash environment.

set -p BAUD <speed>

Once you have both files in the onboard flash (don't try to boot from SD card when you need an FPGA code load for the image. It will fail) you can set the BOOT parameter in the Primary flash environment.

set -p BOOT flash:/<image directory>/<image name>.bin

Make sure you have both the .bin file and the jeevesfpga.rbf file in the same directory.

You can then boot the switch.

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