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infrastructure doubt about private vlans connectivity (DVS switch -> c2960S -> catalisty)

I have a doubt about private VLAN on DVS (VMWARE) switch.

I have private vlan configured between an shared aggregation ( catalyst)  and cisco physical switching where a mapping pvlan 300 to 100 to manager the infrastructure and I management physical hosts using port-protected ont the access port switch (2960) where the physical hosts are conected.

[Manager Server](VL100) -access-> [physycal shared SWITCH AGREGATION (100,300)] <-access-> (VL50)[customer physical switch aggregation]->access/port-protected<-(VL50)[host físico]

it work's

I have a customer that has ESX's hosts inside the infrastructure and I need to management  his virtual machines across private vlan but for security the virtual machines can´t speak each other.

The phyisical uplink between ESX host and the phisical switch is too an access port on VLAN 50.

[Manager Server](VL100) -access-> [physycal shared SWITCH AGREGATION (100,300)] <-access-> (VL50)[customer physical switch aggregation]->access<-(VL50)[ESX host]

I'm configuring private VLAN on DVS switch for virtual's machines don't speak each other.

[customer physical switch aggregation]-(VL50)<---access--->(VL50[DVS switch]->(50,52)->[virtual machine]

When I aply this port group private vlan template,  I can´t management the virtual machinesfrom the source Manager Server on VL100.

I would like to know if it is possible. I have read some vmware and cisco.

I read that if My promiscuous servers are on the customer physical switch aggregation  this switch should support private vlan but in my case, the management server are in another point of the infrastructure and the cusctomer physical switch is acting as repeater.

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