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Installation of Cisco C9300 series switches - like C9300-48UXM

We have one to two hundred 3750X switches and a few dozen 3850 switches in stacks. For upgrading some old sites we were planning to move up to the newer 9300 series 48UXM models. We manually configure our switches with CLI (using automated QOS commands for that part) but do the rest of the switch configs by hand, usually just copying a lot of our previous configs. My question is the 9300 like the 3850 code and can we continue to manually configure them using CLI without much difficulty. I am hoping they are like the 3850 CLI. We have no plans on using DNA at this time nor ICE. We have prime but only use it to basically monitor for outages. 


Leo L
VIP Community Legend

UXM model, particularly the "M", means mGIG ports. So copy-n-paste the port config without changing the port speed is going to fail.
If loaded with 16.12.X (and later), 9300 can support up to SIXTEEN (16) switch members in a stack.
NOTE: The feature was introduced in 16.10.X but I'm not going to recommend anyone load 16.10.X & 16.11.X because due to stability reasons.

@Leo L  on this context ..quick question


i do not see any difference other than some bug fix both are ED


16.12.2 vs 16.12.03X which one prefer ?  (most new device coming with 16.12.2 (they can not go lower than that version, take example Cat 9300-24S)



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Leo L
VIP Community Legend

We are testing 16.2.3 on the 9300 right now.
We've "rolled back" from using 16.2.3 on 3850 because we are seeing some weird issues with SNMP For 3850, we're testing 16.9.5.