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Interconnect between Cisco 2821 & HP 5412zl

I've just acquired a new network and having some trouble managing  some servers/switches across the interconnect and looking for some help.

I  have a 5412zl 10.215.x.x/16 Most of the connections on this switch are  on vlan1. B9 is the port which is connected to a Cisco 2821 Router. The  port on that end is GE0/1. The port on the cisco side is not a trunk but  configure with an ip of

Its part of a some ip  access group. The network that i now sit on is a 172.x.x.x/24 (behind  cisco router, about 3 hops to that main 2821)

We current  have a system on my side that talks to a server on the 10.215. that has  no issues. I'm trying to access some switches on the 10.215. and have  had no luck reaching them.

Here is the access list that i found that port is configured to use:

permit ip
permit ip
permit ip
permit ip
permit ip
permit ip
permit ip
permit ip

I  would think the first permit would allow me to get through to the  10.215 side but maybe i need to set something up on the hp size to let  it know how to get back? I'm very new to this stuff.

Thank you!!

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Interconnect between Cisco 2821 & HP 5412zl

If you are trying to access the HP switches, they need to have a management IP address configured.on them.

are the HP switches layer-2 only. Are all the hosts sitting behind the HP switches are part of the same subnet as the 2821 (

It would be helpful, if you can provide a diagram.



Interconnect between Cisco 2821 & HP 5412zl

The Hp switch the cisco 2821 is plugged into is a 5412zl which is a layer 3. everything behind the hp switch is /16 one flat. vlans aren't really used etc.


Re: Interconnect between Cisco 2821 & HP 5412zl

This is still an issue:

Network A - Cisco - mainly all 172 network..but we have others. that side handles 10.10., 192.168. Network in question. On this router only 4 network interfaces i believe. one interface has as ip applied to it. i was told that everything from the 10.215.x.x/16 side goes through that connection to see stuff over on 172.x.x.x side. Everything from an application and user perspective is working and has been working for about 5 years. Now that i'm managing Network A and B...I cannot manage switches on network B from network A.

Network B - Hp - Only 10.215.x.x. All the devices on this network have a gateway of (checkpoint firewall). the port of the 5412zl that connects to the cisco there's no ip assignment, just a regular switch port.

Every gateway on the Network B side and including the port configured on the Cisco 2821 switch is the checkpoint firewall.

Everything (95%) on the Network B is on the default Vlan, i know this is bad and i'm going to be changing that.

From Network A i can see computers and servers on the 10.215. /16 side. Normally they're 10.215.2.x-10.215.99.x. I cannot ping, ssh, or telnet into anything /16

All switches on network B are configured with a gateway of the firewall.


1. I need to be able to manage Network B's switches from a Network A admin machine.

2. I have a monitoring server on the network B side that needs to monitor network A's devices.

3. Why is the port on the Cisco side setup with a /24 when my network A is a /16? ( more like a question)


1. Am i missing a route in there?

2. Is there an ACL that is blocking that traffic?

I'm attempting to attach a diagram layout of my situation along with the running-config files from both switches.

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