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interoperability HP/cisco IGMP querier


I am facing a strange issue with multicast and IGMP protocol between a 3750 and an Aruba switch.

My 3750 is the IGMP Querier on a vlan

Receiver are on this switch

I have others some cisco switch in the chain with IP camera on these and no problem with IGMP here.


My config :

SW-CSU#sho run | in igmp
ip igmp snooping querier address
ip igmp snooping querier
ip igmp snooping vlan 150 querier version 2
no ip igmp snooping vlan 1
ip igmp snooping vlan 150 mrouter interface Gi1/1


G1/1 is toward a Cisco switch. I use IGMP querier because I am in IPBASE IOS version so PIM is not available.

Mrouter functionnality is needed in order to forward IGMP membership report from receiver to others switchs (with IP camera as multicast sources)

If I don't configure the functionnality, the IGMP snooping table is empty.


On my switch HP, the strange issue is, when I enable the mrouter toward HP, the HP switch is loosing connectivity, I lost ping to this switch but too to the IP camera directly connected.

CPU is OK, nothing wrong in the log.


I don't where to begin with this issue, I tried with two different models of HP switch and same problem.


Does someone have idea about this issue ?


Thanks in advance

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